Local workshop in Portugal

To finalize our DigIT project, Animam Viventem organized a local workshop to showcase the outcomes we achieved in the project. We were thrilled to share the tangible results with a wider audience, including other organizations and adult educators. It was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the practical benefits and possibilities that emerged from our efforts. Moreover, the workshop fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging all participants to envision future cooperation opportunities and how we can collectively leverage our achievements for even greater success.

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Final transnational project meeting in Spain

The DigIT final transnational project meeting took place in Almendralejo last 25th and 26th of May.  It has been a great opportunity to discuss the last steps of the project and discuss ideas for the project follow-up, the results’ sustainability and further collaborations. Don’t miss the  “DigIT – Digital tools for teaching 60+” Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)! It is available on the project website in EN, ES,IT and PT.

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Local workshop in Italy

DigIT foresees the realization of three local workshops addressed to adult educators. The local workshops represent a great opportunity to showcase the project results and engage a wider audience of adult educators from local NGOs, Educational Centers, Seniors Universities, Daily Centers. Base3 organized its workshop last 12th of May at DigiPass Assisi, involving local adult educators. The workshop was divided into two main sessions: an overview of the project activities and results and an engaging practical workshop on co-design.

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3rd training of the DigIT project

From the 12th to the 14th of January Base3 hosted the third training of the DigIT project aimed to discover the potential of the open source approach and the MOOCs for adult educators and how they can support the digital skills of seniors. During the training in Italy, participants investigated the potential of the senior population regarding digital literacy and active aging. The adult educators from Italy, Spain and Portugal also had the chance to explore different digital tools for the design of educational opportunities for seniors and visit the DigiPASS Assisi. DigiPASS Assis is an open public spaces distributed throughout the Region, and aims to accompanying citizens and businesses in the use of digital services as well as in seizing the opportunities that technologies make available to businesses by encouraging innovation.

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2nd training of professionals

The Spanish organization CEATE hosted the 2nd training of professionals working with the senior population from the 27th to the 29 of October. A group of staff members and educators from partner organisations and some representatives from external organizations had the chance to: – acquire skills and competences in the field of cognitive stimulation activities for seniors –  learn more about “Co-design” a participatory approach to designing solutions – discuss on stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age (“ageism”). In January 2023, Base3 will host the 3rd training of professionals working with the senior population.

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1st training of professionals

On June 6th, 7th and 8th, we had our 1st training of professionals working with the senior population of the Digit project in Cascais, Portugal! The training topic was the Non-Formal Education methodology, the specificities of the senior population as learners, and how to incorporate digital tools into face-to-face activities. The Digit project aims, through the exchange of good practices, to promote digital skills among adult educators so that they can create high quality digital educational programs for the senior population.

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